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Nearly eliminate arc flash incidents in the data center

Data centers use as much electricity and have as much associated equipment as many industrial environments, but maintaining power systems is typically not in the comfort zone of most data center staff. This creates a potentially serious safety problem, but there are steps the data center operator can take from a device and systems standpoint to minimize risk.

For example, 20% of all arc-flash events occur in motor control centers and switchgear. An additional 18% occur in custom control panels. ABB’s offers switchgear and MCCs equipped with a unique multi-function wall that provides isolation and insulation between phases and bucket stabs, nearly eliminating the chances of an arc flash event.

On the systems side, ABB’s System 800xA offers a “single pane of glass” to alert operators to all alarms—from the utility to the servers—enabling operators to react to situations more quickly.

While more training for maintenance staff and the use of experienced electrical contractors is important, data center operators can greatly reduce the risk to life and property by investing in the most robust safety systems.

ABB can help. Contact us today to learn how you can improve safety within data center operations.

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