Data Centers - Flexibility

Attain the flexibility you require as operations continually change

Data center operators must constantly adjust to a rapidly changing environment. The more flexible the tools and systems they rely on, the better able they will be to preserve reliability and manage costs.

Installing additional server racks, for example, requires supporting electrical gear and HVAC equipment that may require a shutdown. ABB has MNS IEC switchgear and MNS motor control centers that enable new feeders and HVAC equipment to be added without powering down.

A new rack of servers could also mean changes to two, three or even more disparate monitoring and control applications. With ABB’s System 800xA, you can have a single view to facility status and server allocation, as well as the flexibility to move processing to reduce costs and/or improve quality of service.

ABB can help. Contact us today to learn how you can improve the flexibility of your data center operations.

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