Data Centers - Efficiency

Improve electrical and personnel efficiencies in data centers

Data centers already consume around 1.5% of all electric power. Given the tremendous growth that the industry continues to experience, energy efficiency has become a top priority.

Direct current data centers are now being adopted across the industry largely due to their cost advantage in terms of both initial investment (less equipment) and operating costs (greater efficiency). But efficiency in data centers extends beyond energy use, and significant gains can be made in a variety of areas such as:

    • HVAC efficiency – variable speed drives and high efficiency motors can cut HVAC costs by as much as 50%
    • Substation efficiency - substation design can reduce energy wasted in the substation by up to 30% as compared to conventional designs
    • Personnel efficiencies - instruments can be configured from a central control area, eliminating the need for engineers to physically adjust the device
    • Utility rates and billing – with the right monitoring and control capability, data center operators can take advantage of time-of-use rates and demand response programs to lower electricity costs

ABB can help. Contact us today to find out how you can increase efficiencies and lower costs in data center operations.

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