ABB at Cigré 2010 - The evolving power scenario

Palais des Congrès, Porte Maillot, Paris, France from August 23-27, 2010

Visit us at stand 68 on the 1st floor.

Global demand for energy continues to rise and is expected to increase by more than 50 per cent by 2030. Demand for electricity is anticipated to almost double in the same timeframe!

While the demand for energy and electricity continues to grow, so too does the urgency to address environmental issues. Climate change concerns are now on the global agenda and nations around the world are looking at ways to address the challenge.


Some of ABB’s key new technologies on display at CIGRE include:

Evolution of “smarter” grids
The use of information technology to improve the intelligence of power systems is increasing. From harnessing and integrating renewables to energy-efficiency solutions across the power value chain and from software solutions for energy forecasting, planning and management to enabling demand management and preparing the grid for electric vehicles, ABB has a vast portfolio of power and automation technologies to help customers to become more competitive.

Amorphous transformers – efficiency and environmental responsibility
ABB’s latest offering, the amorphous metal distribution transformer (AMDT), presents an ultra-low-loss design solution, delivering high energy efficiency. The transformers are designed using a unique metal alloy, which reduces transformer losses by up to 70 percent.

Innovative GIS systems
ABB’s latest ENK series of GIS (gas-insulated switchgear) provides an ideal solution for a reliable and environmentally friendly energy supply for voltages up to 72.5 kV, a rated normal current up to 2500 A and a rated short circuit current up to 40 kA.

Substation automation and protection
ABB’s Relion® family covers a wide range of products for the protection, control, measurement and supervision of power systems for a range of transmission and distribution applications, ensuring security and reliability regardless of the operating environment. The comprehensive portfolio offers both ready-to-use solutions and customization possibilities, and is fully compliant with IEC 61850.

HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) and HVDC Light
HVDC technologies, pioneered by ABB over 50 years ago are playing a key role in efficient bulk power transmission and the integration of renewable energies into the grid. HVDC technologies are already at work integrating energy from remote hydro power stations and transmitting it at high voltage levels across thousands of kilometers with minimum losses.

SVC Light® with Energy Storage
SVC Light (Static Var Compensator) with Energy Storage is ABB’s latest offering from the FACTS family. It enables dynamic control of active and reactive power in a power system, independently of each other, combining SVC Light® with scalable energy storage.

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