MicroSCADA Pro

MicroSCADA Pro technology enables you to manage the entire distribution network in utility and in industry environment within the same system. It offers immediate access to real-time information as well as easy connectivity to other systems. MicroSCADA Pro based systems are designed for local and remote control applications in both electrical and non-electrical processes. With continuous development, MicroSCADA Pro technology provides you with a solid foundation for future investments.

MicroSCADA Pro for Substation Automation
The MicroSCADA Pro product family for Substation Automation incorporates a harmonized and consistent product concept, providing you with multiple opportunities to save on engineering, maintenance and training costs.

MicroSCADA Pro for Network Control and Distribution Management
MicroSCADA Pro keeps you in control of your power distribution system anywhere, anytime. It provides versatile SCADA functionality and modern Distribution Management System (DMS) functionality tightly integrated in the same system. You can control your process, manage your field crew and provide outstanding service to your customers with a single system.

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