Power Management

Energy is vital for industries to operate. Many of ABB’s energy-intensive customers require a reliable and stable energy supply for the motors that drive compressors, pumps, fans and machines. Some operate in areas where the public electricity supply is unreliable or non existent meaning they must rely heavily on their own generation capabilities. An unscheduled trip in, for example, a refinery or a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant due to a total loss of power could result in several days of lost production. When translated, this represents a value exceeding $-10 million.

Because of this dependence on electricity and the volatility of energy costs, combined with a growing environmental consciousness and more stringent legislation, efficient energy management is becoming ever more important.

ABB’s IndustrialIT Power Management System (PMS) is a family of unique solutions that ensure reliable and stable energy supply for energy-intensive industries. The PMS balances energy demands with the available energy supply, thus preventing disturbances or even blackouts in operations. Furthermore, it enables a company to control its energy costs, to enhance safety, and to mitigate environmental and health impacts.

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