Keep production running

ABB provides a reliable service response, high parts availability and proven tools to ensure maximum equipment uptime.

Downtime is the enemy of all process industries. When equipment breaks down, you need quality repairs from expert, nearby service professionals. With an extensive demand services network of 20,000 trained experts in 60 plus countries, ABB can provide fast, reliable and knowledgeable response to your service needs. Our professionals understand how costly downtime can be and use the latest remote enabled diagnostic tools, such as loop and system scan analysers to quickly identify problems and get the job done right the first time.

ABB’s comprehensive training and continuing education programs ensure that our service professionals are knowledgeable in key areas of process automation and have a thorough understanding of your process. They have the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure your issues are resolved quickly, correctly and safely.

No demand services would be complete without a call center for customers. ABB’s call centers give you a single point of contact for your process automation service needs. Our call centers act as services “concierges”, where trained support personnel evaluate the customer’s needs and connect them with the right resources. We also offer web based resources, e-mail support and online chat so you can make inquiries from your smart phone or mobile device.

Spare parts
Your supply of spare parts acts as a critical hedge against breakdowns. Parts also represent a tricky balancing act: Too many on hand and you waste capital; too few and you risk a painful and costly shutdown. ABB can analyze your systems, identify the parts most prone to failure and help you implement a cost-effective spare parts and inventory management strategy that strikes the right balance between cost and efficiency.

Even if you don’t have the part you need, we maintain an extensive inventory of certified spare parts worldwide to meet a wide range of needs – everything from control systems, drives and motors to analyzers, propulsion systems and peripherals, such as sensors and scanners. We can help ensure you get the right high-quality, reliable parts to resume production quickly.

One of the biggest issues facing process industries, especially ones in developed nations, is the impact of attrition on intellectual capital. Older workers are leaving the workforce, and their younger counterparts often lack the knowledge, skills and experience to maintain complex equipment. ABB can provide knowledgeable resources to supplement your in-house maintenance capabilities.

Our experts can provide high quality training to help your operators become proficient at understanding and maintaining your processes. ABB’s wide range of training offerings includes
- ABB product training
- Process and application training
- General technology training
- Training contracts
- Training assessment programs

ABB’s training options are flexible and delivered the way you want to receive them: In the classroom, onsite, online through e-learning and in many local languages. ABB University provides professional training centers in more than 25 countries.

Preventive maintenance is critical to minimizing problems and maximizing equipment life. ABB ServicePro is a reliable, convenient service management tool that ensures your automation receives the service it needs, thus reducing equipment problems. Based on ABB’s best service practices, ServicePro provides access to reliable historical information and allows you to automatically schedule and implement service work orders. With ServicePro, your automation equipment and processes are services efficiently and cost effectively, which helps increase equipment and process reliability and return on investment.

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