Optimize Process Performance

Services designed to streamline processes

Are your processes operating as efficiently as they should? ABB offers process optimization services to uncover issues that limit current system performance, help you implement time- and money-saving improvements and extend the life of your assets.

Optimization services are delivered by ABB experts who have deep vast technical experience and provide real-world solutions that can be readily implemented in a production environment. Engagements range from short-term to indefinite, and optimization can be performed both onsite and remotely through ABB ServicePort.

ABB’s process optimization services use three-phase series of platform-independent, non-invasive services that can be applied to any automated process methodology:

−− Phase 1: Diagnose
ABB optimization engineers use the Process Fingerprint to analyze the response of automation equipment by comparing existing controls to industry standards and
actual operating data to expected capabilities.

Using an extensive range of benchmarking data, ABB consultants analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provide benchmarking and diagnosis services to help your organization operate closer to design constraints and improve throughput, yield, energy usage and raw material consumption. ABB’s experts can also analyze your overall cost structure and help you achieve tighter control limits to reduce raw material cost and energy consumption while improving Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ).

Based on the Fingerprint findings, ABB develops an improvement plan that lists recommended activities to help you quickly achieve maximum performance benefits.

−− Phase 2: Implement
After a review of the Fingerprint findings and recommendations, ABB develops an improvement implementation plan. As soon as the plan has been set, improvements can be delivered incrementally or all at once for immediate improvement.

−− Phase 3: Sustain
In this phase, ABB helps ensure that improved performance does not diminish. ABB ProcessScan and ProcessTrack software ensure performance is not only maintained, but can also be improved through continuous monitoring and corrective actions. ProcessScan provides periodic diagnostic monitoring of loop performance levels and ProcessTrack provides continuous monitoring between ProcessScan periodic reporting deliveries.

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