PROFINET is an open standard for Industrial Ethernet that satisfies the most demanding process automation requirements, covering the needs of factory and process automation, safety applications and drive technology. It has been designed to satisfy the growing need for open standards that simplify the integration of existing systems and packages in a unified control and automation environment. This is a very common requirement in the power generation industry.

PROFINET is gaining acceptance in growing segments of the automation industry. The PROFINET I/O profile is well positioned to replace PROFIBUS/DP in the near future, taking advantage of the decreasing cost of the electronic components required to connect devices to Industrial Ethernet as compared to its increased performance and flexibility.
The PROFINET standardization body is close to completing the specification of important features for the power generation industry, like redundancy and online configuration changes. As standardization is progressing, ABB plans to enhance the PROFINET I/O functionality with features like redundancy, sequence of events and vertical integration. PROFINET I/O will then become a fundamental building block of ABB’s harmonized Industrial Ethernet based electrical and device integration strategy, together with IEC 61850.

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