Generator Circuit Breaker (GCB)

ABB's Generator Circuit Breakers (GCB) are widely used in all kind of power plants stations such as thermal, geo thermal, hydro and pumped storage power stations. Our GCB's have been applied in over 2'500 applications.

The electrical requirements on generator circuit breaker are specified in the IEEE C37.013 standard. Apart from the rated voltage, the most important selection criteria for GCB are the rated current and the rated breaking current of the generating unit. Associated equipment such as disconnector, grounding switches, a short-circuiting switch, current transformers, voltage transformers, protective capacitors and surge arresters can be integrated in the generator circuit-breaker enclosure. Depending on the type of power plant, additional items such as starting switches (for gas turbine and hydropower plants) and braking switches (for hydro power plants) can also be integrated.

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