ABB has many years of experience integrating renewable energy sources in technically challenging microgrids, and this combined with strict adherence to industry-accepted tools and standards is the foundation of ABB’s consulting offering. Making the right economic and technical decisions can be difficult, but using sophisticated simulation tools, ABB can tailor a solution to fit specific wind and solar conditions, commercial conditions and technical requirements.

To start, ABB consultants evaluate design options for both off-grid and grid-connected distributed generation applications.
Optimization and sensitivity analysis algorithms evaluate the economic feasibility of many technology options, and account for cost variations and energy resource availability. In addition to thorough economic analysis, ABB provides a strong technical consulting capability, including flexible, dynamic simulation tools that produce extremely accurate grid models.

ABB verifies its models with data taken from similar completed, commissioned projects. This helps to identify problems in the simulation process, and increases the accuracy of future models. This way, ABB consultants can rely on real-world experience and working systems to ensure the most valid simulation models possible.
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