Extensions, Upgrades and Retrofits

New generations of system components and software increases operating efficiency and extend system life. ABB offers migration-, upgrades- and extension strategies for a broad range of products and systems designed to ensure maximum return on investment while enhancing equipment availability, reliability and performance.

Customer expectation

  • Solution to classic or obsolete systems
  • Strategy to extended system lifetime
  • Cost reduction due to maximised efficiency
  • Up-to-date system set up to improve the system performance
  • Extension of existing system to comply with future requirements
ABB Response
  • Extension of existing substation
  • Retrofit of ABB legacy and competitors’ equipment
  • Modernization of automation and protection system
  • New functionalities on installed ABB systems
  • Stepwise retrofits are possible to achieve shorter outage time
  • Upgrade to higher automation and integration level
Customer benefits
  • Increased cost efficiency, performance and availability of the system
  • Extended lifetime of the substation equipment
  • Extended service lifetime
  • Higher reliability
  • Optimized functionality

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