STS Automation

Recent surveys show that 90% of the drivers increased their productivity when using ABB’s automation solutions.

With long experience in the crane business and a world leading development team, ABB offers an extensive range of automation solutions. They all serve the purpose of improving different parts of your production and increase your over all productivity.

Following are the key benefits with crane automation:

Shorter landing cycle over the quay when using CAS. No person needed to guide the driver.
Shorter cycle times to and from the vessel when ELC provides automatic positioning at highest possible speed.
Reduced time loss waiting for skew pendulum. Faster operation over both land and vessel.
Optimum path and safety over the ship with an accurate ship profile.
Lower maintenance cost as a result of less wear and tear on spreaders, chassis and ships.
Easy to use.
Reduced stress on the driver.

An equally important aspect of the automation is safety. Using ABB’s automation solutions increases the safety for people onboard the crane, ship and quay and reduces wear and tear of the spreaders, chassis and ships.

ABB uses standardized automation solutions implemented together with fast responding drive systems, excellent accuracy and easy to use operator controls. All systems can be used in close cooperation and are fully integrated in the overall crane control system and Crane Information Management System (CIMS).

Automation building blocks:
Chassis Alignment System (CAS)Guides the chassis to stop in a centered position under the crane.
Electronic Load Control (ELC)ELC consists of sway and position control which is used to perform an automatic travel cycle from vessel to land or vice versa.
Skew ControlControls any unwanted skew pendulums caused by wind or unevenly distributed load inside a container.
Ship Profiling System (SPS)A laser based system that creates a ship profile.
Automatic Container Landing System (ACLAS)Performs fast, accurate and safe landings fully automatic.

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