Automatic Stacking Cranes Solutions

Safe and fast container handling with ABB Crane Systems Automatic Stacking Cranes Solutions

Target Positioning System (TPS), Ground Markers, Crane - Crane Coordination and Remote Supervision are facilitated in that:

1. the RMG receives a work order from the Terminal Operating System (TOS)
2. based upon the block map in the RMG the optimal path is calculated
3. the work-order is acknowledged and the time to execute the same reported to the TOS
4. the RMG starts moving. An independent check of that the optimal path is free from obstacles is continuously made by the TPS
5. the container is set down/ or pickup
6. work-order as finalized is reported to the TOS.

Key benefits with Automatic Stacking Cranes:


Reduced operating costs


Improved area utilization


No emissions ( no diesel motors)


Safe and reliable container handling


Costs for civil works and rails minimized


Less wear and tear on equipment


Housekeeping for improved service levels

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