SCADAvantageTM - The Advanced Operations Management System

SCADAvantageTM is a centralized, real-time, data acquisition and control system that automates and optimizes day-to-day operations. Purpose built for oil and gas, SCADAvantageTM provides applications specific to your operations from production and gathering to transmission and distribution. These applications can automate and improve your data flow and workflow with higher accuracy and improved productivity.

The platform is highly scalable from small to large systems and is based on Microsoft technologies with an open interface such as OPC for customization and integration of enterprise systems. This approach guarantees that you can extend and grow the system as your business grows. The platform is also easily upgraded to bring you the latest security patches and features that have been implemented in the core.

Along with enterprise integration, SCADAvantageTM interfaces with many 3rd party systems and devices such as:

  • SCADA host systems, Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and Flow Computers, Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs), Chromatographs
  • Communications, networking and telecoms
  • LV, MV and HV Electrical Equipment, Drives and Motors

SCADAvantageTM provides a lot out of the box including a high performance historian, alarms and a polling engine. Additional capabilities such as callout notifications and report scheduling can be added as needed. Reports on-demand can be requested by text message in the latest release to allow operations to monitor and investigate operations at any time and any place.

Other key benefits of the platform include:
  • High availability through a distributed architecture, multiple levels of redundancy and a Disaster Recovery option
  • Support of liquids measurement for storage and transmission
  • Security - Multiple levels (users, zone, and location)
  • Affordable through unique client licensing and rich set of core functionality
  • Lower dependency on specialists through oil and gas applications
  • Reduced maintenance costs with fewer servers, built-in admin tools, easy upgrades
  • Improving performance and ROI through intelligent alarms, escalation and callout
  • Compliance with industry standards

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