Dedicated Solutions

Receipt, storage, handling and metering of bulk components
A full range of automated systems for the receipt, handling, metering, transfer and distribution of powder, bulk solids and liquids.
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Pigging systems
A full range of components developed by Cellier Activity to meet the specific product transfer requirements for the paint, specialty chemicals, lubricants and paper industries for more than 20 years!
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High performance mixing and dispersing units
A full range of dispersing and mixing units (Dispercel, Delicel) for batch or continuous processes incl. CIP technology and a new family of mixing tools designed and optimized by flow simulations
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In-line filtration unit with high-pressure cleaning system
The FILTERCELTM is designed for the filtration of paint, varnishes, resins, adhesives, coating colour, starch or pigment slurries and high-requirement applications.
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High-connectivity control system IndustrialIT
Get your process 100% right first time with Paintcel, a powerful process control system dedicated to the paint and coatings production.
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Resin production unit with high-yield reactor
Design, installation and commissioning of turnkey units integrating high-yield reactors for a batch time reduction by 30%!
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