Application know-how

Design, installation and commissioning of complete automated units for the formulation and manufacturing of paints, varnishes, inks, adhesives, resins and specialty chemicals.

Paint and Speciality Chemicals applications overview

Main benefits:

    • Optimized product quality
    • Excellent dosing accuracy and repeatability
    • Optimized process flexibility and performance to meet just-in-time requirements
    • Minimization of waste generation
    • Low maintenance
    • Automation specifically dedicated to the requirements of the unit
    • Improved plant profitability

Paint and coatings:
    • Decorative paints, varnishes and coatings
    • Building / Architectural
    • OEM touch-up paints
    • PCM paints
    • Heavy duty / Anticorrosion.

    • Alkyd resins
    • Polyester Resins
    • Vinylic - Acrylic emulsions
    • Phenolic - Formaldehyde resins
    • Multipurpose units

Specialty chemicals:
    • Glues and adhesives, other sealants
    • Fine chemicals: phyto-sanitary products, detergents, perfumes
    • Etc.

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