Newspaper solutions

ABB has supplied electrical equipment for newspaper production for more than 60 years. Today it is a world-leading supplier of automation and workflow solutions for the newspaper industry.

ABB determines the course of technology

1963 first semiconductor thyristor converter to drive a newspaper press.
1973 first programmable controllers on printing presses.
1977 first computer-assisted production planning and press presetting in the world.
1985 first screen-based control consoles.
1991 first frequency converter AC drive on a newspaper press.
1994 first shaftless printing press with individual drives.
2000 market launch of the revolutionary MPS Cockpit software for planning, monitoring and optimizing the whole newspaper production.
2001 launch of Industrial IT and MPS PlateWorkflow.
2002 launch of MPS InsertManager for the management of inserts and MPS PageManager for page planning.
2003 launch of SPINE – the integration concept for all the systems involved in the production process.
2010 launch of MPS DeliveryPlanner for the optimization of newspaper distribution.
2012 launch of MPS DistributionDataPlanner for the handling of third-party distribution orders.

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    Sales: Jeff Gelfand
    Service: Stephen Kirk


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