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MPS UserClub

The MPS UserClub is a forum that enables users of the ABB's printing systems to discuss questions related to operation and process optimization. Those taking part especially appreciate being able to exchange ideas and experience with other users.

Forum for users of printing systems, organized by ABB
- Duration 2 days
- Separate events in German, English and French
Mutual exchange of experiences with:
- Information and demonstrations of further developments from ABB
- Contributions from participants themselves
Discussions about a particular key theme

The previous MPS UserClub events held by ABB:
Sept. 23/24, 1987 in Zurich/CH
May 23/24, 1989 in Zurich/CH
Dec. 19/20, 1990 in Zurich/CH
May 18/19 and June 8/9, 1993 on the Bürgenstock/CH
March 7/8 and March 9/10, 1995 in Koblenz/D
June 17/18 and June 19/20, 1997 in Lucerne/CH
May 4/5 and May 06/07, 1999 in Montreux/CH
Sept. 7/8, 1999 in Zurich/CH; the first event in French
June 25/26 and June 27/28, 2001 in Lausanne/CH
Sept. 18/19, 2001 in Montreux/CH; event in French
June 2/3, 2003 in Zurich/CH
June 6/7 and June 8/9, 2005 on the Bürgenstock/CH
June 4/5, 2007 in Stein am Rhein/CH
September 16/17, 2010 in Augsburg/D
June 6, 2013 in Rüsselsheim/D

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