Wind turbine products and services

Turbines are comprised of many subsystems working in unison so that the turbine efficiently and safely produces power. ABB products are used throughout these subsystems, from the emergency stop button to the generator.

Wind power products

Electrical drivetrain products

This system is the main electrical production system of the turbine and is comprised primarily of the generator and converter, as well as the stator contactor and breaker.

Grid connection products

This system is responsible for connecting power produced from an individual turbine to the wind power plant’s network connection point (connection to the power collection system). This includes the turbine’s transformer and switchgear components.

Control and protection products

This system is responsible for turbine control and operation, including rotor speed, turbine orientation, startup and shutdown. The protection function guards against conditions such as over-speed, generator overload, and even excessive vibrations.

Yaw and pitch system products

The yaw system orients the turbine by rotating the nacelle into the desired position. This system uses motors and gears for the rotation, and braking systems to retain the orientation. The pitch system controls the orientation of the turbine blades in relation to the wind.

Electrical protection products

The protection system ensures that the turbine’s electrical subsystems are protected against unsafe conditions resulting from fault conditions, and isolates those failures from other electrical systems in the turbine. The electrical disconnect system exists to ensure that the turbine’s electrical system can be disconnected safely allowing for maintenance and other in-turbine work.

Lightning protection products

This system protects the turbine’s electrical systems from adverse effects caused by lightning strikes on the turbine.

Hydraulic and cooling system products

These systems are responsible for ensuring the flow of liquids and air used in the turbine. These may include liquid-cooling systems, heat-exchange systems, or braking systems.

Auxiliary system products

Auxiliary systems are any other system or subsystem within the turbine that do not fall within one of the mentioned systems.

Converters for VAr compensation

Installing a STATCOM (or Static Synchronous Compensator) at one or more suitable points on the network is a powerful and cost effective method to increase grid transfer capability and enhance voltage stability.

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