Marine Services

ABB Marine Services is an organization dedicated to the marine industry and its challenging operating conditions. Our purpose is to support our customers from new building commissioning to maintenance, emergency technical support, modernization and upgrade of ABB systems on-board their vessels. Our organization is currently present at the 22 main maritime hubs world-wide. We have more than 700 professionals handling approximately 12 000 technical inquiries, and conducting over 4 000 field service trips on-board customers’ vessels. Our ultimate goal is to save our customers time and money.

With the recently launched 24/7 Global Technical Support hotline and case management system, our focus on coordinated technical support has never been stronger. All inquiries, technical issues and historical technical data on-board your vessels are stored and logged, and can be used for benchmarking and further analysis. This enables us to quickly collect the relevant information needed for troubleshooting in any part of the world. Click here to learn more about our Global 24/7 Technical Support.

The increasing cost of fuel in recent years is leading to a stronger focus on fuel savings. With our portfolio of Energy Efficiency solutions, you can address every SEEMP requirement. So far, our Energy Efficiency retrofit solutions have helped our customers save significant amounts of fuel. With reduced fuel and maintenance costs, ship-owners are able to attract better charter rates. Click here to learn more about our Energy Efficiency solutions.

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    ABB contact for United States of America

    Sales: Audrey Brehm
    Service: Craig Muirhead
    Emergency: Kjell Nilsson


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