Marine Systems & Solutions

ABB provides a complete range of electrotechnical solutions for the world fleet. Our systems are based on ABB's industry-leading technology within electric power, drives and automation, and have for decades proven to meet the high demands of marine and offshore applications

Our offering

  • Electric Propulsion

    Electric propulsion is today the preferred choice for a broad and increasing number of vessel types, offering several unique advantages compared to conventional mechanical solutions

  • Advisory Systems

    Today fuel costs account for up to 60% of a vessel’s operating cost. In addition to the high cost of fuel and tightening competition, new global and regional environmental regulations are challenging ship owners and operators to make energy-efficiency their top priority. All the measures to get improve the energy-efficiency must be done without forgetting the safety and availability aspects. ABB’s Energy Efficiency & Advisory Systems offers a broad portfolio of tools to minimize the fuel cost, maximize the availability and improve the overall safety of the vessel.

  • Automation and DP

    This decade we will see a significant evolution within marine technology, with software that utilizes all the available data from intelligent ship equipment. This technology opportunity, together with environmental concerns and high fuel prices, are some of the drivers for VICO – Vessel Information and Control – ABB’s new center of excellence that provides software solutions to the marine business segment. VICO is strengthening ABB’s position as a solution provider by complementing existing marine electrical solutions and propulsion products with advanced IT.

  • Azipod® Propulsion

    Introduced in 1990, ABB’s Azipod® is today the market leader in podded propulsion technology and the propulsion system of choice in several major vessel segments.

  • Power Generation and Distribution

    ABB offers a complete range of Medium and Low Voltage power products and systems that fulfill the requirements for maritime installations and guarantee high system functionality and integrity

  • Drilling Drives

    ABB has long and extensive experience in engineering, fabrication and commissioning of offshore drilling drives. We offer both AC and DC Drilling Drive Systems

  • Onboard Drives

    ABB is the world's largest producer of electric motors and variable speed drive systems and regardless of the application we will ensure the most optimal drive systems and configurations

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    ABB contact for United States of America

    Sales: Audrey Brehm
    Service: Craig Muirhead
    Emergency: Kjell Nilsson


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