Integrated Operations

The Integrated Operations department within New Projects is responsible for product management and project deliveries related to services and solutions for Integrated Operations within BU OGP.

Integrated Operations is defined as a strategic initiative in ABB OGP and is an area of priority among all the major oil companies. According to Statoil ASA, one of our main customers, Integrated Operations is a whole new approach to solving the challenges of having personnel, suppliers and systems offshore, onshore and in different countries. Furthermore, Integrated Operations involves using real-time data and new technology to remove the divides between disciplines, professional groups and companies. Statoil ASA claims that some of the benefits of Integrated Operations are as follows:
  • Improved HSE
  • More efficient drilling operations
  • Better placement of wells
  • Production optimization
  • Increased recovery
  • Better reservoir and production control
  • Better monitoring of equipment and more efficient maintenance
  • Better resource exploitation
  • Increased regularity (uptime)

The Integrated Operations Department focuses on helping ABB's customers realizing value by improving their operational performance through production increase and reducing operations & maintenance costs. Production increase is achieved through better availability and utilization of production and process facilities. Maintenance and operating costs are reduced through rationalization and optimization of equipment and resources. The services and solutions from the Integrated Operations Department are listed in the section "Our offering" below.

Our offering

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