Advanced Services

Advanced Services provide continuous improvement for automation and processes through a systematic approach to problem-solving, and a pro-active commitment to service. Advanced Services are designed as efficient, standard and modular services based on ABB’s deep knowledge of automation applications.

ABB Advanced Services were developed to minimize problems with automation and automated processes, and to ensure efficient operations and increase customer return on assets.

Automating production requires the processing of large amounts of data, and the volume of data processing increases as automation or production processes become more complex. As automation operates, working and environmental conditions, hardware and software upgrades, operator input, and other variables combine to diminish efficiency. Finding the sources of inefficiencies can be a challenge because of automation and process complexity.

Advanced Services find the sources of inefficiencies and identify issues before they disrupt operations, and can be applied as distinct service modules for a wide range of automation and automated processes, including automation not originally supplied by ABB.

ABB Advanced Services identify issues that inhibit peak performance in automation and automated processes, then provide recommendations to resolve issues quickly and systematically in a prioritized plan based on the most critical actions required to provide the greatest economic return.

Our products


ServicePort™ is a secure, remote-enabled service delivery platform that enables delivery of local and remote services, and provides global access to the latest ABB equipment and process diagnostics

Loop Performance Service

Loop Performance Service simplifies control loop data analysis and identifies troublesome loops. Powered by ABB ServicePort, Loop Performance Services offer 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities

QCS Performance Service

The Quality Control System (QCS) Performance Service, powered by ABB ServicePort, identifies, classifies and helps prioritize opportunities to improve product quality, measurement and control health, and control utilization

Harmony Performance Service

Harmony Performance Service non-invasively benchmarks, corrects and helps to sustain system performance. Powered by ABB ServicePort, Harmony Performance Services provide 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities

Cyber Security Monitoring Service

The Cyber Security Service Monitoring Service, powered by ServicePort, remotely oversees the security status of process automation systems, and identifies, classifies and helps prioritize opportunities to improve control system security

Cyber Security Fingerprint

The Cyber Security Fingerprint identifies strengths and weaknesses for defending against a cyber attack within a plant’s control systems using data from critical system configurations and key personnel, and comparing this data against best practices. Delivered on-site by a trained ABB engineer


The ServicePro Service Management System helps to develop a culture of proactive maintenance through a database of global best practices that increase management visibility into service and maintenance activities

System 800xA Performance Service

ABB System 800xA Performance Service, powered by ABB ServicePort, identifies, classifies and helps prioritize opportunities to improve the performance of 800xA control systems

Hoist Performance Monitoring Service

Continuous or periodic monitoring of mine hoist systems help to ensure performance and reliabilty, and fast data collection and analysis help to extend hoist life and dependability

System 800xA Core Fingerprint

The System 800xA Core Fingerprint report provides a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of the performance of the Process Control System

My Control System

My Control System is a secure, web-based platform that contains comprehensive information about and provides services for the ABB control system in operation at the customer site

System 800xA Benchmark

The Benchmark service provides an automated control system health check and allows to benchmark system performance and configuration

Parts Fingerprint

The Parts Fingerprint identifies opportunities to improve parts management by evaluating parts management processes, including parts inventory, procurement and storage, parts consumption and replacement

Harmony Performance Fingerprint

A primary tool for ABB's proven methodology - Diagnose, Implement and Sustain -- the ABB Harmony Performance Fingerprint is used in managing control systems and preventing system deterioration or unpredictable performance

Loop Performance Fingerprint

The Loop Performance Fingerprint helps to identify and correct loop performance issues in process automation systems. The Loop Performance Fingerprint benchmarks control loop performance, identifies issues that reduce control performance and outlines and develops an improvement plan

Industrial Boiler Fingerprint

Industrial Boiler Fingerprints identify opportunities to improve the performance of industrial boilers, and deliver recommendations based on the best benefits that can be derived from specific corrective actions

Predictive Maintenance Guidance

Predictive Maintenance Guidance Systems (PMGS) provide a consistent framework for integrating asset monitors to allow personnel to respond proactively to anomalies. This framework provides a single strategy to organize and view the health of these assets

Alarm Management for ISA Compliance

Alarm management has become an integral part of proper plant maintenance, and international guidelines such as ISA 18.2 have been developed. This standard gives recommendations for a number of topics

Control System Backup Service

A fully domain integrated system server imaging solution that enables rapid restoration of critical control system servers and clients after a disaster or computer failure

Power Quality and Grounding Audit

Detailed analysis of incoming power and grounding integrity to identify problem areas. Delivers recommendations to improve overall system performance

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