Substation Automation and Protection service offerings


Advanced services
Provide continuous improvement for substation automation and protection through a systematic approach to problem-solving.

Advanced services for distribution IEDs
Power system studies for transmission IEDs
Substation Automation cyber security

Engineering and consulting
Identify opportunities and solutions to improve performance of your system.

Engineering and consulting service for distribution IEDs
Engineering and consulting services for Substation Automation
Extensions, upgrades and retrofits
Upgrade to the next generation of hardware and software to extend the life of current substation automation products and systems.

Extension, upgrades and retrofits for distribution IEDs
Product upgrading for transmission IEDs
Migration from RTU211 to RTU511

Installation and commissioning
Simulation, start-up and commissioning services of new equipment and systems.

Comissioning for transmission IEDs
Parameter setting and configuration for transmission IEDs
Power system simulation for transmission IEDs

Simulation tools / BIO tester for distribution IEDs

Reduces downtime and maximizes the performance of your equipment through remote services and field services.

Preventive maintenance for SPACOM and RE500

Workshop and on-site repairs, technical support and remote trouble shooting.

Repairs for distribution IEDs

New products to replace obsolete equipment from ABB or other manufacturers in any phase of the life cycle.

Service agreement
Customized service level agreements to secure continuous operation.

Spares and consumables
Ordering and information about spare parts and spare part kits for substation automation products and systems.

Spares and consumables for distribution IEDs
Spare parts ordering system for transmission IEDs
Training for ABB products, systems, processes and technology.

Substation Automation and Protection training
Training for distribution IEDs

Find services for your product

  • Distribution protection services

    Distribution protection services

    ABB offers a wide range of world class protection & control products for power distribution systems. In order to optimize their performance during the whole life time cycle, we support our customers with high-quality sevices in preventive and corrective maintenance.

  • Transmission/Sub-transmission protection services

    Transmission/Sub-transmission protection services

    With more than 100 years of experience in the protection and control of power transmission systems world-wide, we can serve you with knowledge that enables you to reap the full benefits of your investment in protection and control equipment at every step you take.

  • RTU500 series services

    RTU500 series services

    Professional service and support over the complete product lifecycle have always been of great interest within ABB. The high quality of technical support also adds to the track record of RTUs, ensuring optimized and reliable system operations.

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