Energy efficiency begins at home

At ABB, we aim to steadily increase the efficiency of our operations, including through the use of our own products. We have set ourselves the target of reducing the energy we use as a company by 2.5 percent per employee per year.

What ABB is doing

  • ABB renews commitment to save energy

    ABB is aiming to reduce the amount of energy it uses by 2.5 percent per year until 2011, continuing a drive for greater efficiency in the way the company uses energy that began several years ago.

  • ABB backs global sustainability efforts

    ABB is working with utilities and international business groups to find ways of protecting the environment while sustaining economic growth.

  • Greening the gate model

    Many of ABB’s technologies are, by nature, environmentally friendly. Electricity is probably one of the cleanest and most efficient ways of transmitting energy. Environmental benefits can also be identified for many other ABB products.

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