Feature articles on energy efficiency

ABB Review is the company's quarterly technical magazine focusing on research and development activities and providing insight into ingenious applications and achievements using ABB technology.

Below are links to a selection of features with a focus on energy efficiency that were published in the journal's 2010 issues.

IssueArticle (file size)
03/2010Driving down carbon emissions (pdf, 1.9MB)
03/2010Built for efficiency (pdf, 2.5MB)
03/2010Laying the course (pdf, 2.0MB)
02/2010Greener rail for India (pdf, 0.2 MB)
02/2010A perfect fit (pdf, 0.1 MB)
02/2010Standardizing the traction motor (pdf, 0.7 MB)
02/2010Dawn of a new age (pdf, 0.1 MB)
02/2010Power from shore (pdf, 0.1 MB)
01/2010Smart electricity (pdf, 0.7MB)
01/2010The next level of evolution (pdf, 1.1MB)
01/2010Sustainable links (pdf, 0.1MB)
01/2010The colors of intuition (pdf, 0.1MB)

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