7 reasons to start building MV switchgear panels using the latest ABB innovation

The possibilities to reduce time, efforts and inventories for the medium-voltage switchgear manufacturers have never been so substantial as they are now. This is thanks to a circuit-breaker with integrated sensors and protection & control unit, which is the first of its kind on the market.

The new circuit-breaker, called eVD4, is a complete plug and play medium voltage electrical plant protection system. It is the evolution of the traditional circuit breaker concept now offering a single device, that carries out the breaking, measurement, protection, control and communication functions. The unit is compliant with the IEC 61850 Standard and utilizes native GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Event) communication.

See what can be achieved by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and panel builders when using eVD4:

1. Simplify component sourcing (just 1 order instead of 3)
ABB not only offers a one stop shop for panel components, but also makes purchasing of core components much simpler. Just one order, one delivery time and one unique reference to ensure complete switchgear solution. The time and effort needed for ordering procedure is dramatically reduced

2. Get pre-tested packages
Function are pre-tested and prepackaged with ABB brand guarantee. Most of the wiring is made inside the breaker, all the connections are shorter and much more reliable.

3. Standardize engineering
Since there is no need of specification of instrument transformers, engineering gets easier and faster. Sensors parameters will derive from the CB rating and from the protection profile.

4. Reduce inventories
Fewer components allow reduction of inventories

5. Reduce delivery times
With eVD4 ready to install, there is no wiring or additional work! Simpler switchgear design allows shorter delivery times.

6. Enable "last minute" changes
Use of eVD4 gives higher flexibility towards “last minute changes” made in the customer site. RBX615 relay pre-configurations can be customized to provide the best match for the network requirements.

7. Customize using common ABB software
Customization of eVD4 is made with common ABB software PCM600 functionalities.

eVD4 with the local Human Machine Interface
Current-voltage combisensors

Auxiliary circuit plug of the circuit-breaker and for communication of the unit towards the switchgear

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