Remote racking of circuit breaker / contactor for operator safety

Remote racking provides a safer operating environment for personnel through the proven method of adding distance between the operator and arc flash incident energy at the switchgear site, bringing operation of power circuit breakers to a new level of safety.

The process of racking a circuit breaker into and out of the connected position is one of the most frequent exercises that expose an operator to risk. Increased focus on operator safety has caused owners to question the adequacy of prior switchgear designs that require the cell door to be open in order to connect or disconnect the primary circuit and the secondary control circuit. A malfunction during this operation has the potential for catastrophic  consequences to equipment and personnel. Supervised, closed door circuit breaker racking is a fundamental recognized safety practice. Furthermore, older breakers are more complex and vulnerable to mechanical failures that create safety problems.

ABB vacuum circuit breakers can be provided with a fully integrated motor operated racking system for their use in new replacement switchgear / retrofit breaker or as part of the hard-bus and cradle-in-cradle retrofill solutions

ANSI productsSafe-T-RackSafe-T-Rack
TypePortable external driverPortable external driver
One per ...SwitchgearSwitchgear
Equipment life cycleActiveLegacy
Breaker typeAMVAC, ADVAC15HK, 5HK
Switchgear typeSafeGear, AdvanceITE / ABB HK

IEC products(CB accessory)OneFit Safety PlusTruckMaster
TypeTruck mounted driverTruck mounted driverPortable external driver
One per ...BreakerBreakerSwitchgear
CassetteCassetteFloor rolling
Vertical racking
Equipment life cycleActiveRetrofit (OneFit)Retrofit
Breaker typeVD4, VM1VD4, VM1VD4,VM1, HD4
Contactor typeVSCVSCVSC
Switchgear typeUniGearAnyAny

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