We understand what you need from your drives

Cutting CO2 emissions and lowering energy consumption while keeping in mind the importance of healthy and comfortable environment is a challenging task. Finding solutions that meet the various building regulations, harmonics standards and building management control systems you work with are just part of your daily job.

We understand this. At ABB, we know you expect innovative technology that is human-usable and robust. You want reliable operation, dependable day and night, year after year. You want features that make it easier to connect to your building management system and make your whole HVAC system operate more efficiently, more reliably.

Built-in, versatile solutions straight out of the box

Our drives for HVAC are designed with all of this in mind. The drives are packed with features that help you meet your HVAC requirements more economically. For example, our patented built-in swinging choke technology cuts harmonics emissions by up to 25%. Flexible communication options make connecting to building automation systems easy. BACnet even comes standard with the drives. The drives are ready to use right out of the box for straight-forward HVAC applications. The drive also features built-in PID controllers, timers and provides flexible programmability that allows you to meet more complex HVAC needs. You can tap into additional application intelligence to monitor and control external devices and even implement fire safety functions.

We factory test every drive

Our dependable and reliable installed base of over 500,000 drives starts at the factory. Each and every drive goes through rigorous factory testing ensuring that you receive only the highest quality products. The drives are easy to buy, and are stocked globally for quick delivery. The drives are supported by ABB’s global life cycle services network.

Drives for HVAC

ACH550 wall mounted drives

ACH550 wall mounted drives

3-phase, 380 to 480 V, 0.75 to 160 kW (0.5 to 215 hp). IP21 and IP54 drives.

ACH550 free standing drives

ACH550 free standing drives

3-phase, 380 to 480 V, 200 to 355 kW (270 to 476 hp)

ACS320 HVAC micro drive

ACS320 HVAC micro drive

3-phase, 380 to 480 V, 0.37 to 4 kW (0.5 to 5.5 hp).

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