ABB introduces new platform for high voltage rib cooled motors - More know-how per kilogram

The next generation HXR is a new type of high voltage rib cooled motors, developed and designed by ABB. It has all our rib cooled motor knowledge from past 100 years in it, but in a surprisingly small package. The motors provide a unique combination of small size, high power density, high reliability, low losses and easy maintenance. These features result in significantly lower total cost of ownership, not only making the owners life profitable, but also easy, thanks to very low and well-predictable downtime.

The new motors set a benchmark for the industry, offering more watts per kilogram than has ever been achieved before with rib cooled motors. High power density means that for a given output it will often be possible to use a motor one frame size smaller than with conventional products. This helps to save space and enables more compact installations.

Easy configurability makes customizing the motors to match their application much easier and faster than with regular motors – which translates into cost-effective solutions with short lead times. Built-in serviceability makes servicing straightforward, and therefore reduces downtime.

The new motor has a lot of new innovations in it. Both the internal and external cooling has been optimized. Internal air circulation has been increased throughout the motor, while on the outside the cooling ribs maximize the cooling surface area. The channels between the ribs are kept clear so air can flow freely, with a cable tray to keep the cables tidy and prevent them from blocking or disturbing the airflow. Even the end shields have been designed for optimized cooling.

Rigid, weight-optimized frame is engineered to minimize vibration. Wide feet provide excellent stability and good access for tools and the oval fixing holes mean greater mounting flexibility. The design also enables flexibility in the positioning of the terminal boxes. The main terminal box can be positioned on either side, at the D- or N-end, and on frame size 400, it can be mounted in the center. The repositioning, if needed, can be quickly done on site by ABB Service personnel rather than having to send the motor to a service center. The positioning of the auxiliary box can also be done with similar flexibility.

These new type of rib cooled motors are the next step in ABB’s continuous research and development work for lower cost of ownership. They complete the ABB’s full range of high voltage rib cooled motors used world wide in various applications and industries.

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