Carbon brush for DC motor

Spare parts

You can find a wide selection of spare parts for your motors on, for example:
    • Consumables
    • Operational parts
    • Accessories
    • Capital parts

We supply consumables like brushes and filters, and operational spare parts such as brush gears, bearings, and couplings. Further we offer accessories such as fans, speed devices, and temperature sensors. By making a membership request directly on the webpage you will be able to log in. Once you have entered your user name and password you will be able to:
    • See available stock
    • See price
    • Place order directly online
Capital spare parts like coils or complete rotors and stators are available in order to minimize down-time in case of failure and to support preventive maintenance. For a request for capital spare parts please contact Machines Service at:

Spare parts list for DMI motors by serial number in Parts OnLine
The spare parts for your DMI motor can easily be found by typing the serial number in the search field, mark the box Search only Motors by product id/code, and select DC Motors in the drop-down menu. The search result will provide you with a solid list of spare parts for your motor. Another feature is that when you want to replace your existing machine you can make a replacement request through Parts OnLine.
    • On Parts OnLine you can find exploded CAD drawings of the DMI motor. It is possible to drill down the separate parts of the motor. To find the drawings choose Browse in the left menu then Standard and Motors and Machines

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