Top Ten Reasons to Buy an ABB Robot - Today

It's a competitive jungle out there in manufacturing. And you need all the help you can get to ensure you win. These are the “Top Ten” reasons why you should purchase an ABB robot today to remain competitive.

10. Lowest cost / highest quality wins market share. The economic pressures on companies and consumers are forcing everyone to carefully consider their purchases. Gone are the days of “throw away” products. People are demanding both low cost and high quality. Automation, especially the flexibility offered by robotic automation is a great way to achieve both.

9. Your competition is investing in automation - If you think your competitors are not investing in automation, think again. Who is investing in automation? The best run companies, looking to not just survive the economy, but thrive in it.

8. Automated Competitors will take market share - The companies with the best, leaned-out automated manufacturing process are the ones who are better positioned to respond to the quickly changing demands of customers. An automated, flexible manufacturing process is able to change product mix, and product make-up “on the fly.” The companies employing this strategy are your competitors.

7. Robots are affordable. When industrial robots first appeared in the marketplace they were expensive, like any new piece of technology generally is. However, costs have been pushed down with mass production. Prices for industrial robots have never been better. Today's prices for your products are the new floor as well. Manufactured products aren't like oil, where the price constantly goes up and down. Today's new low is tomorrow's baseline price for your product - automate to reduce costs and maintain margin.

6. Taking business back from competitors – With the economy slowed and production in many factories at a standstill, now is the time to begin a strategy to take business back from your competitors. Meet with an ABB engineering consultant who can design a solution to automate your factory which will reduce costs while increasing productivity and throughput. When the economy improves, you will be able to produce a better product at a quicker rate, thus improving customer satisfaction and allowing you to take business back from your competitors.

For the complete 10 reasons click Top 10 Reasons to buy an ABB Robot TODAY (Article, pdf, 0,02 MB)

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