FlexPendant SDK Getting Started

The IRC5 FlexPendant is a computer in itself, developed with Microsoft’s latest technology for embedded devices, Windows CE and .NET Compact Framework. The purpose of the FlexPendant SDK (Software Development Kit) is operator-customization. Tailored FlexPendant views fulfil specific needs of IRC5 customers and optimize their investment in automation. FlexPendant SDK is bundled with RobotStudio and can be used free of charge.

Read about it

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    Do-it-yourself robotics ABB Review (ABB’s corporate technical journal, written for a worldwide audience).

    Klöckner Desma, see how a FlexPendant SDK application can be perfectly adapted to the needs of the end-users and make it much easier for them to carry out their daily tasks.

    Product Specification, find out exactly what is required to start application development using the FlexPendant SDK.

    User’s Guide, learn the basics about programming .Net applications for the FlexPendant.

Try it

  • To try programming with the FlexPendant SDK the following is required:

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 is the development environment you use. It is required on your PC before the FlexPendant SDK installation.
    • Some knowledge in Windows programming, object orientation and a .NET programming language, such as C# or Visual Basic.

  • Recommended steps to get started:

    • Take a look at the Application Manual, chapter About creating controller applications, and chapter Two development models - virtual and real.
    • Go to the Download Page and install RobotStudio including FlexPendant SDK.
    • To create your first applications for the FlexPendant refer to the following chapters in the Application Manual:
    Using the FlexPendant SDK: Setting up a new project
    Building the user interface - Introduction to visual design support

    There is a reference application for download in the Content Sharing section (3D Models – Video – Other).

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