Pass M00 is the line of the PASS product family that covers voltages up to 100 kV and short time withstand currents of up to 40 kA.

It is available in two configurations:

- Single Bus Bar (SBB)
- Double Bus Bar (DBB)


The PASS family of switchgear modules takes advantage of a Hybrid technology solution: on the one side it uses reliable Air Insulated connections between modules; on the other side it encloses the bay functions in a single phase Gas Insulated housing, fully-comprehensive of:

    • Circuit breakers
    • Disconnector
    • Earthing switches (fast or slow)
    • Voltage transformers and Voltage sensors
    • Current Transformers
    • Bushings or Cable enclosures
    • High customizability yet short delivery time, due to the modular design of PASS modules and the implementation of Just In Time - Assemble To Order production models.
    • High reliability, due to the use of standardized and reduced no. of components.
    • Low space requirements, due to integrated functions enclosed in one single PASS module.
    • Fast erection and commissioning, due to fully-assembled configuration of modules delivered from factory.
    • Life cycle cost significantly lower than traditional technologies.
    • ABB hybrid technology in HV switchgear is well proven, with large no. of installations around the globe in many different environmental conditions.
Each PASS module is equivalent to a complete switchgear bay.

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