IEC AIS Cubicle UniSec

Air insulated MV switchgear for secondary distribution

UniSec is the result of ABB’s quest for continuous innovation, following a vision to meet ever-changing market needs. It provides long-term technical solutions for a world of applications. Safety and reliability, user-friendly specifications and installation, and sustainability have been the driving forces in its development.

UniSec is ABB’s new indoor air-insulated switchgear for medium voltage secondary distribution. It is LSC2A-PM classified design for panels with switch-disconnector and/or removable circuit-breaker, LSC2B-PM up to 17.5 kV and LSC2B-PI up to 24 kV for panels medium duty with withdrawable circuit-breaker in accordance with loss of service continuity definitions (IEC 62271-200).

UniSec combines state-of-the-art technology with ABB’s wealth of experience to create a single versatile and modular platform that meets the needs of the global market. It provides long-term, technical, solutions for a world of modern installations.

Solutions for specific applications are configured using standardized modules. Construction and testing are carried out entirely in the factory.

Rated voltage (kV)12 - 17,5 - 24
Rated main busbars current (A)630/800/1250
Rated normal current of apparatus
- VD4-HD4 removable circuit-breakers (A)
- GSec gas switch-disconnector (A)
- Vmax withdrawable circuit.breaker (A) (1)
- VD4 withdrawable circuit.breaker (A) (2)
- VSC/P contactor (A)
400 (3)
Rated short-time withstand current 3s (kA) 16 / 20 / 25 (4)
Rated peak withstand current (kA)40 / 50 / 63 (4)
Internal arc withstand current 1s (kA)21/25 (5)

(1) Up to 17.5 kV
(2) Only 24 kV
(3) Up to 12 kV
(4) 25 and 63 kA at 12 kV (for all panels), at 24 kV (only for panel LSC2B classified)
(5) Only for panel LSC2B classied up to 17,5 kV

  • Air insulation of all live parts
  • SF6 switch-disconnector
  • Removable and withdrawable circuit-breakers
  • LSC2A and LCS2B service continuity classification
  • Wall standing solution
  • All operations carried out from the front panel
  • Complete range of functional units and accessories
  • Wide range of relays mounted either on the circuit-breaker or externally or protection, control and metering


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