ANSI Metal-clad AIS SafeGear & SafeGear HD

SafeGear arc resistant switchgear meets or exceeds IEEE C37.20.2 for metal clad switchgear and IEEE C37.20.7 arc resistant testing guidelines.

SafeGear not only meets conventional standards for metal-clad switchgear, it goes beyond ANSI standards to provide the added protection of arc-resistant construction. The arc-resistant design reduces life cycle costs through equipment protection, and improves safety for operations and maintenance personnel.

During an arc fault, expanding hot gases are carefully routed through a system of vents and flaps, generally through the roof and away from personnel at the front, rear, and sides of the switchgear. Doors and panels are reinforced and sealed to withstand the temporary pressure surge until relief vents and flaps operate.

Using techniques such as double sidewall and type 2B or 2BC construction, damage is contained in the compartment of fault origination, rather than spreading to adjacent compartments. Features such as closed door racking with automatic secondary disconnects and isolated low voltage instrument compartments, increase personnel safety and reduce PPE requirements.

Ultimately, equipment damage is reduced, equipment reliability is increased, and tragic injuries to employees are prevented.

A wide array of rugged, stackable circuit breaker and auxiliary equipment modules are assembled to form a SafeGear switchgear lineup. The modules can be configured in a variety of one-high and two-high configurations which allows for fast, efficient delivery of custom switchgear. Quality is assured by extensive design and production tests, coupled with manufacturing in facilities that have been certified in compliance with ISO 9001.


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