AutoLink Sectionalizer

The ABB "AutoLink" Electronic Sectionalizer is suitable for use on Outdoor Medium Voltage Overhead Distribution Networks, in conjunction with automatic Circuit Recloser protection.


Rated Voltage (kV)15 - 38
BIL (kV)110 - 170
Actuating current rangeResettable between 6 A and 215 A
Number of opening countsResettable between 1 and 4 counts

The "AutoLink" Sectionalizer is designed to fit into interchangeable cutout bodies such as ABB ICX and is an economical solution to sectionalizing large outdoor networks.

The Sectionalizer is available in a single pole version suitable for S.W.E.R. Other versions include LoadBreak capabilities and Three-Phase mechanical opening.

The design includes transformer "inrush" protection and is unaffected by electromagnetic interference.

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