IEC Indoor Motor Fuse CMF

The fuse links type CMF are specially designed for motor circuit applications. They are tested according to the IEC Publication 60282-1 (IEC 282-1) and Publication 60644 (IEC 644). IEC 60644 applies to fuse links used with motors that are started direct-on-line in alternating current systems. High-voltage fuses used in motor circuits must be able to withstand, without deterioration, the repeated surges associated with motor starting.

The dimensions are in accordance with DIN 43625 and
IEC 60282-1.

Although a motor fuse is normally run at a stationary current, which is much lower than the fuse rated current, the low-loss characteristics of the CMF fuses make them especially suitable in compact contactor compartments.

Rated voltage kV3.6 - 12
Normal current A63 - 315

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