VOZZ ANSI Outdoor Metering/Protection Voltage Transformer
Medium Voltage

36-52 kV N.S.V., Outdoor, 200-250 kV BIL
60 Hertz

The Type VOZZ-15 and VOZZ-15G outdoor voltage transformers are used for high burden metering and relaying service on 25 kV systems. These units replace the Westinghouse PT-25 gum-filled potential transformers.

The Types VOZZ-20, VOZZ-20G, VOZZ-25 and VOZZ-25G are outdoor voltage transformers designed for high burden application, and are suitable for operating meters, relays, and supplying control power. These are a two bushing design for line-to-line application where the line-to-line voltage equals the primary rating of the transformer. The units can be connected line-to-ground/earth at reduced voltage.

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