Feeder Protection and Control REF630 IEC

REF630 is a comprehensive feeder management IED for protection, control, measuring and supervision of utility and industrial distribution substations. REF630 is a member of ABB’s Relion® product family and a part its 630 product series characterized by functional scalability and flexible configurability. REF630 also features necessary control functions constituting an ideal solution for feeder bay control.

REF630 provides main protection for overhead lines and cable feeders of distribution networks. REF630 fits both isolated neutral networks and networks with resistance or impedance earthed neutral. Four pre-defined configurations to match typical feeder protection and control requirements are available. The pre-defined configurations can be used as such or easily adapted or extended with freely selectable add-on functions, by means of which the IED can be fine-tuned to exactly satisfy the specific requirements of your present application.

REF630 incorporates local and remote control functions. The IED offers a number of freely assignable binary inputs/outputs and logic circuits for establishing bay control and interlocking functions for circuit breakers and motor operated switch-disconnectors. REF630 supports both single and double busbar substation layouts.


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