Grid Automation Controller COM600

COM600, the grid automation controller of ABB, is an all-in-one communication gateway, automation platform and user interface solution for utility and industrial distribution substations. The gateway functionality provides connectivity between substation IEDs and network-level control and management systems. The automation platform with its logic processor makes COM600 a flexible implementation platform for substation-level automation tasks. As a user interface solution COM600 accommodates web technology based functionalities providing access to substation devices and processes via a web browser based human machine interface (HMI).

The COM600 hardware platform is based on ruggedized mechanics with no moving parts subject to wear and tear. Thus, the compact and robust design is well adapted for harsh environments. The preinstalled software and the off-line configuration performed on a separate computer contribute to a faster project execution. The built-in IED simulation functionality enables testing and verifying of the correct operation of the HMI and gateway configuration of COM600 without any physical connection of IEDs. Further, communication diagnostic events can be enabled to track all messages being sent by or received from the IEDs. Using the Station Automation Builder SAB600 tool provided with COM600 on-line diagnostic data, real-time process data, the communication channels and the control function of the IEDs can be analyzed without separate protocol analyzers.


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