IED Connect

...for Distribution Protection and Control

The Connectivity Package is a collection of software and information related to a specific protection and control terminal (IED). It provides means for system products and tools to connect and interact with the IED in an efficient way as well as data to allow efficient engineering of system products.

The following system products and tools can utilize the Connectivity Packages:

  • Protection and Control IED Manager PCM600 *2.0 or later
  • Substation Automation Builder 600 (SAB600) for COM600
  • Communication Engineering Tool for SPA-ZC 40X
  • Communication Engineering Tool for MicroSCADA Pro SYS 600 *9.0 or later and COM 500 *4.1 or later
  • SCL Importer in MicroSCADA Pro SYS 600 *9.1 or later and COM 500 *4.2 or later
The Connectivity Packages have to be installed on the same computer as the system product or tool that will utilize the Connectivity Packages


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    Connectivity Package

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    Sales: Pete Kovacic
    Service: Rolando Solis
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