FT-1 Flexitest Switches

The Type FT-1 Flexitest Switches are designed and manufactured to allow quick and easy multi-circuit testing of switchboard relays, meters and instruments by any conventional system.

  • Enhanced switch blade position visibility with the NEW clear cover with thumb nuts that allow a ¼ nut driver to loosen and tighten the thumb nuts
  • The NEW clear cover allows switch blades in the open position while cover is in place
  • It is easy to order the NEW clear cover FT-1 switch (available at no additional charge). Just place the letter C in front of your favorite style number to create the new style switch
  • The NEW clear cover with thumb nuts may be ordered separately with Style # 9676A32G01 to retrofit (replace black cover with NEW clear cover) on existing installed FT-1 Switches
  • The switch handles are now available with NEW multi-color handles to differentiate between trips, currents, voltages or control circuits


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    Service: Glenn Goldfarb
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