Auxiliary Converters and Battery Chargers

Static converters BORDLINE® M are compact, lightweight units for the onboard power supplies of rail vehicles. They feature IGBT technology and a rugged mechanical design developed especially to ensure long service life and high availability under the harsh conditions common to traction applications.

The static converter system BORDLINE® M is a solution to convert DC or AC voltage to a three phase output and/or a regulated DC output.

BORDLINE® M Auxiliary Converters for all rail requirements:

  • From a few kilowatt to more than a megawatt of on-board power conversion
  • Mono, dual or multi voltage input stages (DC/AC lines)
    • DC range: 350 to 4200 V
    • AC range: 224 to 1000 V / 16.7 Hz; 1500 V / 50 Hz
  • Strong references in all vehicle segments such as locomotives, high-speed trains, multiple unit trains, rail coaches of all types, metros, tram-trains, light rail vehicles, tramways, monorails, trolley buses, mountain trains and rack railways
  • Redundant and synchronized systems
  • Auxiliary Converters integrated into propulsion systems
  • Liquid, forced air, or natural air cooling system
  • Auto-extinguisher system on demand

Key customer benefits:
+ Fast commissioning and homologation
+ High compactness, reliability, robustness
+ Easy and fast maintenance (service-friendly solutions)
+ 100% of production undergo functional testing
+ High level of quality management system (IRIS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001)

The main applications are:
  • Driving AC-compressors
  • Driving air compressors
  • Driving cooling fans
  • Charging vehicle batteries

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