The video camera will guide you across the modern production line of ABB vacuum interrupters and embedded poles.

Welcome to the world of medium voltage components from ABB
Fascination – Vacuum interrupters and embedded poles

Vacuum interrupters
Innovation from tradition:
For over 25 years ABB has been developing and manufacturing vacuum interrupters for medium voltage applications. With currently well over 2 million vacuum interrupters in service, ABB is the leader in this segment of the global market. Manufacturing on its absolute insistence on the highest quality in series production and deploying the very latest technologies.
The product range comprises vacuum interrupters for circuit-breakers from 12 to 40.5 kV with rated short-circuit breaking currents of up to 63 kA, and vacuum interrupters for switch-disconnectors and vacuum contactors from 7.2 to 24 kV.

Embedded poles
The functional reliability of the components is the result of ABB technology: Embedding the vacuum interrupters in a special cast resin makes the pole parts of the circuit-breaker notably robust and at the same time protects the ABB vacuum interrupters from impact, dust, moisture and external damage. There is currently no more effective form of protection. Embedded pole technology was introduced at ABB as a production standard as early as 1997.
The product range comprises embedded poles for rated voltages of up to 40.5 kV, rated currents up to 3150 A and rated short-circuit breaking currents up to 50 kA. The range is rounded off by embedded poles for outdoor applications, including UV protection.

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