PCS100 SFC Static Frequency Converter

The PCS100 SFC allows connection of 60 Hz powered equipment to a 50 Hz supply network and 50 Hz powered equipment to a 60 Hz supply network. Additionally the PCS100 SFC can convert the supply voltage to a different voltage to match the requirement of the load.

Typical applications
  • 50 to 60 Hz or 60 to 50 Hz industrial applications
  • Dockside converter allows generators to be turned off while at port to save fuel and eliminate pollution
  • Replacement of motor generator sets
  • As a clean power supply to isolate an unstable grid from a critical load

User benefits
  • Minimize operating and maintenance costs
  • High reliability provides maximum power availability
  • Keeps equipment running through utility voltage sags and frequency variation

What makes PCS100 SFC better than alternative solutions
  • N+1 modular redundancy for mission critical applications
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Minimal spares required
  • Easy paralleling to other voltage sources using droop

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