Wall-mounted low harmonic drives, ACS800-31

Power range: 5.5 to 110 kW
Supply voltage:
3-phase, U2IN = 208 to 240 V, ± 10%,
3-phase, U3IN = 380 to 415 V, ± 10%
3-phase, U5IN = 380 to 500 V, ± 10%
3-phase, U7IN = 525 to 690 V, ± 10%

The wall-mounted low harmonic drive, ACS800-31 offers a unique harmonics solution that is incorporated into the drive. It has exceptionally low line harmonic content and it fulfils even the strictest harmonic requirements without external filtering devices or multi-pulse transformer arrangements. The wall-mounted ACS800-31 offers a low harmonic drive in one complete package up to 110 kW. Similar to other wallmounted drives, it has all the important features and options built inside the drive. It is available with IP21 protection degree.

Built-in options
− EMC filter for 1st environment, restricted distribution according to EN 61800-3 (category C2)
− EMC filter for 2nd environment, unrestricted distribution according to EN 61800-3 (category C3)
− Analog and digital I/O extension modules
− Fieldbus modules
− Pulse encoder interface module

External options
− Output filters
− Brake chopper and resistor
− Safe torque-off


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