ACH550 E-Clipse Bypass Drive

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The ABB ACH550 with E-Clipse Bypass is an ACH550 HVAC drive with an advanced, communications capable, bypass motor starter.

The ACH550 with E-Clipse Bypass is available from 1 to 100 HP in 208/230V, 1 to 400 HP in 480V, and 2 to 150 HP in 600V input voltages. The ACH550 with E-Clipse Bypass is wall mounted from 1 to 200 HP and floor mounted from 250 to 400 HP. The ACH550 with E-Clipse Bypass is housed in a standard UL Type 1 (NEMA 1) or optional UL Type 12 (NEMA 12) enclosure.

For outdoor applications, UL Type 3R (NEMA 3R) enclosed packages are available. Construction is sheet steel with a tough powder coat paint finish for corrosion resistance. A thermostatically controlled space heater and thermostatic control of the force ventilated cooling system are standard. The operator keypad is mounted on the enclosure and covered with a protective door.

Product Features:

  • 1-100 Hp (208V); 1-400 Hp (480V); 2-150 Hp (600V)
  • UL Type 1, 12 or 3R enclosure (plenum rated drive)
  • Wall mounted through 200 Hp (480V); Floor standing 250-400 Hp
  • Optional AC Line Reactor
  • Main Circuit Breaker or Input Disconnect Switch (door interlocked & padlockable)
  • Dedicated Drive-only input fuses
  • Bypass serial communications with major BAS protocols embedded
  • Advanced Smoke Control , Damper Control, Proof of Flow & Pass Through I/O
  • Seismic Certification & OSHPD

Additional Information:
The ABB ACH550 with E-Clipse Bypass provides a non-fused input disconnect switch or circuit breaker with door mounted and interlocked operator (padlockable in the OFF position), a bypass starter, electronic motor overload protection, a local programming and operator keypad with LCD display and indicating lights, and provisions for external control connections, and serial communications capability. Certain configurations (+F267) also provide a drive service switch.

The ACH550 with E-Clipse Bypass includes two contactors. One contactor is the bypass contactor, used to connect the motor directly to the incoming power line in the event that the ACH550 is out of service. The other contactor is the ACH550 output contactor that disconnects the ACH550 from the input power and the motor when the motor is operating in the Bypass mode. The drive output contactor and the bypass contactor are interlocked to prevent “back feeding,” which occurs if line voltage is applied to the ACH550 output terminals.

The ABB ACH550 with E-Clipse bypass is a microprocessor-controlled “intelligent” system which features programmable Class 20 or 30 overload curves, programmable underload (broken belt) and overload trip or indication. Also included as standard features are single-phase protection in bypass mode, programmable manual or automatic transfer to bypass, fireman’s override, smoke control, damper control, no contactor chatter on brown-out power conditions and serial communications. Should a drive problem occur, fast acting fuses exclusive to the ACH550 drive path disconnect the drive from the line prior to clearing upstream branch circuit protection, maintaining bypass capability.

The damper control circuit closes a dry contact upon a start command to open a damper such as an outdoor air damper, fire damper, isolation damper, etc. before the motor is allowed to operate in drive mode or bypass mode regardless of the source of the run command. When the damper is fully open, a normally open dry contact from the damper end-switch closes and allows the motor to operate.

Up to four dedicated inputs are provided for safety interlocks such as firestats, smoke detectors, etc. The safety interlock inputs may also be linked to plain English keypad diagnostic indications to be displayed on the Control Panel LCD. The unit may be set-up to display any of the following diagnos-tics upon opening of a digital input: Vibration Switch; Firestat; Freezestat; Over Pressure; Vibration Trip; Smoke Alarm; Safety Open; Low Suction; Start Enable; Run Enable; Damper End Switch; Valve Open Proof; or Pre-Lube Cycle. When any of these contacts open, the motor stops (in drive or bypass mode) and the damper is commanded to close. Although it is not a recommend sequence of operation, this run permissive circuit may also be controlled via serial communications.

The ABB ACH550 with E-Clipse bypass has two Override modes of operation for critical control situations. The Smoke Control Override accepts a normally open dry contact that forces the motor to run in bypass and ignores all keypad inputs. In Smoke Control Override mode, the system acknowledges high priority digital inputs such as overpressure safeties and damper end-switch run permissive proofs, and disregards other, low priority digital inputs. Smoke Control Override (Override 1) response is not field programmable. The unit will go into smoke Override mode whenever the Override 1 input is closed.

The second mode, Override 2, is fully programmable. Override 2 default programming is designed for “Run to Destruction” operation. However, the end user can program the unit to acknowledge some external inputs while ignoring others; ignore all external inputs; or acknowledge all external inputs. This mode is fully programmable to allow the user to program the response of the unit to match his local AHJ.

All ABB E-Clipse bypass units have the following Embedded Fieldbus (EFB) protocols included as standard: Modbus RTU; Johnson Controls N2; Siemens Building Technologies FLN (P1); and BACnet (MS/TP). The ABB E-Clipse bypass is BACnet Testing Labs (BTL) listed as an Applications Specific Controller (B-ASC).

The ABB ACH550 with E-Clipse bypass allows control and monitoring of both Drive and Bypass over serial communications. Users can control and monitor over 45 points of bypass information via the communications protocols. Serial communication capabilities include; bypass run-stop control; the ability to force the unit to bypass; and the ability to control all relay outputs. The BAS system can monitor measured data such as current (in amps), kilowatt hours (resettable), operating hours (resettable), and bypass logic board temperature. The BAS is also capable of monitoring status data such as bypass relay output status, and digital input status. Bypass override, diagnostic, warning and fault information is also transmitted over serial communications with remote system (drive or bypass) fault reset possible as well. The BAS system is also capable of determining if the motor is running (or selected to run) from the drive or bypass; as well as the status of the Drive and Bypass H-O-A switches over serial communications.

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