Single drive modules, ACS800-14

Power range:
75 to 1700 kW

Supply voltage:
3-phase, U3IN = 380 to 415 V, ± 10%
3-phase, U5IN = 380 to 500 V, ± 10%
3-phase, U7IN = 525 to 690 V, ± 10%

The ACS800-14 drives are regenerative single drive modules equipped with active supply unit. They are full performance regenerative drives in a compact package. All important features and options including LCL line filter module(s), IGBT supply module(s), inverter module(s), common mode filters are in the package. The power range is from 75 to 1700 kW. All the drives, regardless of the power and voltage, have the same customer interface and I/O, making system design and training easier.

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